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Progettazione e Sviluppo Calibratrici Elettroniche, Lineari e Circolari, per Frutta e Ortaggi  |  Design and Development of Electronic, circular and linear grading machines for fruits and vegetables  |  Diseño y desarrollo de calibradoras electrónicas, lineales y circulares para frutas y hortalizas

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The “Mini-CC” is a small, compact grading machine developed by M.B.M., which can be used in several ways.

Thanks to its reduced size and versatility, this low-cost, multipurpose machine is suitable either for small or big producers.

The “Mini-CC” can easily process almost any kind of normal-sized fruits or vegetables, sizing them by weight thanks to its electronic weighing system.

The “Mini-CC” can be equipped with 2 different types of grade rollers: 76 mm and 89 mm pitch.

“Mini-CC” can be used as:
a) Small circular grading machine
b) Sampler, to check the incoming goods
c) Semiautomatic packing-machine for boxes.








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