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Progettazione e Sviluppo Calibratrici Elettroniche, Lineari e Circolari, per Frutta e Ortaggi  |  Design and Development of Electronic, circular and linear grading machines for fruits and vegetables  |  Diseño y desarrollo de calibradoras electrónicas, lineales y circulares para frutas y hortalizas

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MBM Services S.r.l. is able to provide those in the fruit and vegetables sector with the necessary tools to build a roller grading machine; we also provide technical support for all our Customers, as well as complete construction drawings and specifications, so that they can be completely independent.

Our machines can easily process almost all kind of fruits or vegetables, regular in size and either spherical or oval in shape, sizing them by weight, colour and diameter by electronic means.

M.B.M. Services will also provide the Customers with a complete Roller which is able to collect and rotate each fruit or vegetable, holding them during the whole weighting process and unloading them where it is required.

The Roller is now available in two versions, 76 mm and 89 mm pitch, but soon we will be able to develop also 100 mm and 114 mm pitch rollers, as well as 150 mm and 180 mm pitch cups, suitable for large-size fruits, e.g. melons and grapefruits.

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M.B.M. Services also provides its customers with a wide set of fittings and/or complete units (for more details, download the following document: "prev-001.pdf").

Besides the traditional roller grading machines, MBM Services has developed the newBesides the traditional roller grading machines, MBM Services has developed the new "Mini-CC", a small, compact grading-machine which can be used also as a sampler and/or a semiautomatic packing-machine.













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